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These are all the notes, labs, projects, and movies that I use to teach 6th grade science. They meet the AZ State 6th grade Science Standards.

This page is a work in progress. I will be updating it as I go along this year.

Scientific Method Cells Our World PlantsHuman Body Systems

Scientific Method, Safety, & Science Processes

Notes Labs
Lab Safety Notes (Contract, Safety Circle) What not to do lab.
Metric Notes (PPT, Student Notes) How to measure in Metric Lab
Mass vs Weight Notes Metric Stations Lab (Task Cards, Answer Sheets)
Scientific Method Notes (Handout) Penny Drop Lab
Observation vs. Inference Notes The Plot & the Pendulum Lab
Graph Notes (PowerPoint, Handout) Stickiest Tape Lab
Variables Notes (Powerpoint, Handout) Gummy Bear Lab
Lab Coat Activity (PowerPoint, Handout) Ketchup Lab
  Mass Inquiry Lab
  Scientific Inquiry Lab Write-up
  Metric Olympics Lab
Bill Nye - Do it yourself science  
Bill Nye - Pseudoscience  
Scientific Method in Action with Mythbusters  
How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries  
This is a great video to use for introducing the metric system. It is from 1975, and assumes that America's measurement system will be the metric system in the near future.


Notes Labs
Living vs Nonliving (PowerPoint) Cell Model
Cell Parts (Powerpoint) Intro to Microscope Lab
Organization of Living Cells (Powerpoint) Microscope Observations
Microscope Basics (PowerPoint, Notes)  
Movies Projects
Bill Nye - Cells Life in a Drop of Water Internet Scavenger Hunt
Inside a Cell Micro-scavenger hunt

Water, Energy, and Earth

Notes Labs
Energy Transfer (PowerPoint)

Water Cycle Game

Adapted from  Project Wet's Incredible Journey

Water Cycle (PowerPoint) EIE - Sails & Windmills
Layers of the Atmosphere Solar Ovens - Energy Transfer/Engineering
Movies Projects
Bill Nye - Water Cycle Water Cycle Comic


Notes Labs
Parts of a Plant (PowerPoint, Handout) Capillary Action Lab
Tropisms (PowerPoint, Handout)  
Movies Projects
  World of Plants Scavenger Hunt
  Plant Biography WebQuest

Human Body Systems

Notes Labs  
Skeletal System (PowerPoint, Notes) Mr. Bones - Disarticulated Skeleton
Muscular System Muscle Fatigue
Digestive System How long does it take to digest your food?
Circulatory System  
Movies Projects  
Eyewitness: Human Machine Human Body Corporation Project  



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